Monday, February 27, 2012

Did you know that UW has a Google of its own?

When you do a search from the front page of the UW-Madison web site — or from the dedicated UW search page — you're actually using a Google Custom Search.  (Try searching yourself and see if anything different comes up from when you did a global Google search for your identity.)

You might want to set up Google Custom Search for your group weblog as well (though if you're using Blogger, which is owned by Google, you already have search enabled by default).


  1. I went and looked up Google Custom Search and found it to be pretty interesting. I always knew that you could look up things on the UW homepage, but I just always assumed that it was with their own search engine and not a version from Google. I wonder how many other websites use this as a way to allow people to browse information on their sites? This could potentially be very useful for different blogs.

  2. This is actually really cool and could be very helpful for students if they knew it existed. I have never found the Wisc website very simple to navigate, but this solves that problem. For example I typed in my major, economics, and it gave me links to the department homepage, requirements for the major and news articles about the University's program. This is a very helpful tool and the University could do more to let people know about it, or maybe someone with a newly made blog.


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