Thursday, April 19, 2012

Using social media to discuss a social media course

So I have a little blog of my own, called The Note on My Door, where I occasionally post professorly-type essays intended for students, faculty, and staff around UW-Madison to read.  Last month, after your J 176 assignment where you had to find an article on the Internet that was not online, I was so intrigued by the responses that I posted a little note on the experience.  

So far it's been viewed over 4,000 times.

Through comments and emails, this little post has led to contacts from educators and librarians from all over the world -- including a nice request from the folks at ProQuest to be able to adapt the assignment for their own education and training efforts.  

What do you think about having your classroom experience showcased for the whole world?  Is this something that would have been possible ten years ago?  Five?


  1. I find it very cool, for lack of a better word, that a successful lesson conducted in our classroom can become viral. Five or ten years ago, professors and students in other states or at other universities would have only learned of such a lesson through friends in the class or at some sort of conference. Now that methods can be shared so easily on the internet, learning is likely to be more successful. I strongly believe that two heads are better than one, and social media allowing ideas to be spread across the globe opens many doors for education. I think more classes, professors, and students, could benefit from lessons and ideas posted on social media sites; it simply means people now have more access to knowledge and different types of education.

  2. This news is awesome to me! I especially think it is really cool that an assignment like this one can blow up around the world for a class that is brand new. We are talking about a class you have talked about as experimental and something huge is coming out of it. I think it is pretty exciting to say the least.


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